X-ray Certification

Medical Certifications Training Programs
Find your future or further your current career with an x-ray certification, helping health care personnel see into the body without surgery or other invasive techniques. Once you have received your x-ray certification, you might be referred to as an x-ray technician, an x-ray technologist or a radiologic technologist.

Using Your X-ray Certification

With x-ray certification, you will have the ability and knowledge to use cutting-edge medical machinery to peer inside the human body, creating images to help physicians diagnose illnesses and injuries with extreme accuracy. Not only will you have a hugely rewarding career operating some of the most innovative and expensive medical equipment, you will have the unique opportunity to help and support patients who are concerned, nervous or experiencing pain.

Skills You Will Acquire with X-ray Certification

When a patient is sent to the laboratory for an imaging study, you will quickly familiarize yourself with their medical history and respond to any questions or concerns. You will need to know what important questions to ask a a patient, such as whether female patients might be expecting. Next, you will help position your patient on or underneath the medical equipment and shield yourself against ionizing radiation with the appropriate equipment while performing the physician’s written orders. In some cases, your x-ray certification will allow you to work with a physician that is called a radiologist, whose job is to help you analyze the image results, and decide whether more tests will be required.

Cutting Edge X-Ray Technology

There are many types of imaging technologies that your x-ray certification will allow you to operate efficiently, including traditional x-ray machines, computerized axial tomography known as CTs, magnetic resonance imaging known as MRIs, film and digital mammography and fluoroscopy. You may choose a general training certification or specialize in a special machine or clinical areas, such as breast imaging. Not only will you learn to operate amazing cutting edge medical machinery, but an x-ray certification will teach you how to perform basic maintenance and upkeep. You will also receive training to teach you how to properly record and protect the records of each procedure you perform, while protecting your patient’s confidentiality.

Advancing Your X-Ray Technology Career

Your x-ray certification will open the doors to an exciting career where there is always something new to learn, thanks to the constant influx of new and innovative medical technology. As an x-ray technician, you will also possess the ability to continuously improve your skills through new training and seminars to continue your education and advance your career.

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