UNIX Certifications

Computer Certifications Training Programs
Several bodies grant Unix certifications. All have different requirements to meet their respective certifications. All, however, provide a credential that many in the industry regard as an indication of your knowledge of Unix. Unix certification tests may cover much of the same information about Unix, including installing and configuring Unix, sharing files on a Unix network, and troubleshooting servers and networks. As Unix is becoming more widely used in computing environments, having a credential that demonstrates your knowledge of Unix becomes more valuable.

Learning about Unix
If you are new to Unix or would like more advanced skills in Unix, you may want to consider taking courses in Unix. Courses in Unix will not only orient you to the aspects of Unix development and application, it will also help prepare you to excel on Unix certification exams. Introductory courses in Unix may include instruction on using Unix’s graphical interface, using the KornShell as well as introduction into Unix’s user services and utilities. If your knowledge of Unix is more advanced, a course focusing on more sophisticated aspects of Unix, such as its security features, may be useful.

Benefits of Unix Certification
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports in its recent jobs outlook report that jobs in computer technology continue to grow at a swift rate and that those with the most experience and education will have the best job prospects. Getting a credential can help you stand out from your peers by demonstrating that you’ve gained the requisite experience and education required of a Unix specialist.

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