Technical Certifications

Technical Certifications Training Programs
Private consultants, company technology workers, and job seekers are all more and more aware of the importance of technical certifications. The high tech industry has become more complex and the competition for jobs, for advancement, and for advancement has never been higher. Having a technical certification is absolutely obligatory in some company situations, and extremely valuable in all the rest.

Nearly all the big players in the high tech industry offer some form of certification in their proprietary product services. For example, a Cisco certification designates an expert in the installation and implementation of Cisco switches, hub, routers, and network technologies. There are close to a dozen different Microsoft credentials that indicate proficiency in working with the various Microsoft Windows, workgroup, and network tools. Sun Microsystems recognizes certifications in Java development, the Solaris operating platform, SPARC servers and many of its other products.

Most of these valuable credentials are available from schools and institutes outside the companies that develop and sell the products. Of course, it is possible to attend a Microsoft, Sun, Cisco or IBM run school in order to get the product training, but it is usually more convenient in terms of location and time schedules to find the courses and certification exams in your own local region or online. Another advantage of the private learning centers is the ability to take courses in more than one company’s product line. Technical certifications are valuable career building blocks. In addition, most schools offer the opportunity for ongoing training as new technological developments are released.

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