Supply Chain Management Certification

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What Will I Learn Through Supply Chain Management Certification?
All organizations need effective supply chain management to ensure that resources are not unnecessarily tied up in stock, and that consumers are not left without the end products they want. It could be argued that effective supply chain management is an art not a science since there are many factors affecting the rate at which consumables are used. The type of industry you are considering working in should also be a factor in which school you choose to study. Whichever industry you find attractive, the fundamentals of supply chain management certification remain the same. You will likely cover the following areas: supply chain management components, scheduling and forecasting, inventory, capacity planning, production scheduling, shop floor management, purchasing and procurement, contracts, negotiation, and case studies to allow you some hands-on practical experience.

How Can Supply Chain Management Certification Help My Career?
Even if you have spent many years in supply chain management, your chances of promotion and responsibilities may be increased if you decide to formalize your knowledge by obtaining supply chain management certification. There are many different elements involved in supply chain management and overlooking just one element may result in the chain being broken, which could lead to costly delays or even losing customers. Supply chain management certification can help you minimize overheads, reduce risk, and make you more valuable to your employers, both current and future.

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