Sun Certification

Computer Certifications Training Programs
There are 4 Sun Microsystem certification tracks: Java Technology, Sun Application Server, Solaris Operating System, and a Custom Certification track.

The Java developer certification is considered the basic skill set for becoming a certified Sun expert. A Sun Java technology certification indicates to potential employers that the individual has the technical skills, professional motivation and dedication for which they are searching. Sun’s Java technology certification provides the necessary skills to successfully meet the challenges of any company’s IT organization. The Java platform is the basis for a great number of the technology industry’s most important applications and devices.

The application server certification prepares the individual to work with the software product known as the Sun One Directory Server. This technology provides storage and security solutions for a significant portion of the world’s technology enterprises. The certified Sun application server engineer will be able to design, configure, deploy and administer server solutions with as many as 10 million users.

Sun’s Solaris certification prepares engineers to work as a system, network, or security administrator on such platforms as Sun’s successful new Solaris 10. This system is rapidly becoming the industry’s standard.

Some industries or enterprises use Sun technologies for which there is no specific certification track. In order to assist in setting standards for skill levels in these areas, Sun consultants frequently gather data on the required tasks within those technologies, determine their standards and priorities, and rank their importance. The custom certification testing programs have been designed to provide industry recognized Sun certifications in these ‘gray areas.’

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