SPHR Certification

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Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification is a credential that indicates a level of knowledge in HR areas such as staffing, workforce planning and development, human resource development, employee and labor relations, occupational health and safety, and management. To obtain SPHR certification, you must pass an exam and demonstrate a level of relevant experience in the field. Courses are available to prepare you for the exam, which focuses on the policy and strategic side of human resources.

The Value of a SPHR Certification
Getting SPHR certification through successful performance on the SPHR exam will distinguish you from peers who do not have a formal certification. The SPHR certification is recognized by organizations and businesses within the HR field that use the certification as a standard to measure a person’s knowledge and expertise on human resource issues. While getting SPHR certification does not necessarily ensure a higher salary or job security, it can communicate to a potential employer your level of knowledge and commitment to the field that experience and education alone may not demonstrate.

Getting the Education and Experience for Certification
As with most professional certifications, candidates must demonstrate relevant experience in the area in which they wish to be certified. Requirements with regard to what constitutes relevant experience may vary, check with the certification-issuing organization to find out if you have the necessary experience they require.

Additionally, postsecondary education in the field of human resources is required of those seeking SPHR certification. Many colleges, universities, and other education institutions offer courses in human resources designed to prepare students to take the SPHR certification exam.

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