Solaris Admin Certification

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The Solaris Operating System is often the backbone of a company’s productivity, efficiency, and success in the marketplace. It’s considered a reliable, scalable, and secure system. Naturally, there is a critical demand for qualified IT professionals who are specifically trained to administer Solaris operating systems. If you’re interested in pursuing one of these highly paid, rewarding professions, you’ll need to pass the multi-part Solaris Administrator certification exams.

The Solaris exams lead to certifications as Sun Certified System Administrator or Sun Certified Network Administrator.

Basic knowledge requirements to enter a Solaris Administrator certification program include Unix platform skills for entering and editing data. If you have this minimum skill set, you’re ready to move forward in Solaris.

A Solaris Administrator certification is designed to get you up and running quickly. Typically you’ll learn to architect and manage file systems, install software, and run system boots. From there, courses take you to user and essential security practice. Most companies will rely upon their Solaris administrators to install and massage network printers and internal systems, as well as perform routine backup and restoration procedures.

Coursework is Highly Tailored for the Exam
A solid foundation course in Solaris usually covers the Solaris directory hierarchy, management of disk devices, file system mechanics, understanding mounts and unmounts, system installation, package administration, managing patches, executing boot commands, and shutdown procedures.

Certification workshop courses typically include skill reviews, practice exams, and a thorough tutorial covering the overall objectives of the Solaris Administrator certification test.

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