Software Testing Certification

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We use software for almost everything we do. Video games, word processing, financial programs, graphic design, and email all require software of some kind. And this software must be compatible, not only with the operating system on which it runs, but also with other software on the machine. Testing this software and its compatibility is an extremely important job since potential glitches and setbacks can cost businesses a tremendous amount of money. That’s why those with software testing certification are in such high demand.

What will I learn through software testing certification?
First, you’ll master all the ins and outs of whatever operating system on which the software will run. You’ll also learn coding, design, and basic hardware knowledge. In addition, you’ll learn advanced troubleshooting steps, security protocols, and diagnostics. All of this takes place before you even begin learning how to test software.

Each piece of software is unique. Just as a pharmacist must know which medicines are compatible, a software tester must know how to ensure that different software packages on a computer will function properly together.

How can software testing certification help your career?
New software comes out daily. Any knowledge you have of software compatibility and testing will instantly place you in a higher bracket because of your specialized and essential knowledge. Employers need your expertise to ensure that their precious systems operate effectively. Software testing certification is a terrific qualification in and of itself. It’s also a great supplement to whatever knowledge you already possess in your given profession.

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