Small Engine Repair Certification

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Why get a Small Engine Repair Certification?

Small engine repair was once a small field that dealt primarily lawn mowers, weed eaters, and chain saws. These were simple engines that required some knowledge to work on but were not very technologically advanced. It is not that way anymore.

Small engines now are highly advanced and require a great deal of technical knowledge to work on. When you receive a Small Engine Repair Certification you will be qualified to work on all types of small engines. Yes, lawn mowers and chain saws but also motorcycles, personal water craft, outboard boat motors, and about any other piece of powered equipment smaller than a car.

Small Engine Repair Certification Requirements

The requirements to receive a Small Engine Repair Certification vary greatly from state to state. In some areas all that are required is the completion of a small engine repair course that will normally run for two semesters. Pass and you receive your certification.

Other areas have much stricter certification requirements. You may be required to pass your classes then take a state monitored exam and have 2-5 years of working experience to become fully certified.

Benefits of having a Small Engine Repair Certification

Small engine repair is one of the few fields that has actually benefited from recent economic events. As household budgets have become more restricted, people have been forced to have equipment repaired where they once would have replaced it. This has been a boom for the small engine repair field, with the national average job growth in this field, over the last few years, running at near 20 percent and showing no signs of slowing down.

Once considered the poor stepchild of mechanic fields, small engine repair is now a highly technical area that is growing at an astronomical rate and offering vast opportunities and financial rewards for employment and entrepreneurship.

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