Public Relations Certification

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The public relations professionals are a company’s face before the world. It is the function of the public relations specialists to handle the organization’s relationships with the media, government, community, industry, consumers, and the general public. It is the job of public relations (PR) specialists to be the organization’s advocates. They must create and carry forth a positive image for the company, organization or institution they represent. To do this, they must understand the ways in which the potential audience regards the functions of the outfit whose story is being told. In that way they can not only help shape the attitudes toward the company they are portraying, but also keep the company’s management informed of important concerns.

The ways in which this is done can include written information pages known as press releases. These releases go to people in the media. This is part of the process of generating newspaper and magazine stories, radio and television reports and other informational material about the subject being promoted or presented. In addition, public meetings, conferences, speeches, community projects, films, and other such events may be part of the work done by public relations experts. Those experts also are part of the teams that publish annual reports and other data compilations.

Governments also employ information officers, public affairs specialists and press secretaries—these are all other names for public relations experts. These government workers may help convince the public that various government projects, plans, or programs are worthy of public support. Individual politicians often have their own PR teams to help with election campaigns to keep constituents informed of the elected official’s accomplishments and positions

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