Project Management Certification

Business Certifications Training Programs
Organizations such as the Project Management Institute issue project management certifications, which certify that a person’s knowledge of project management meets a level deemed satisfactory by the certifying body. Most certifications set forth a minimum requirement of relevant experience and education as well as successful performance on an exam designed to test your knowledge in the project manager field.

Preparing for a Project Manager Certification Exam
Courses in project management can help you get the skills and knowledge needed to successfully complete a project management certification exam. Courses in risk management will teach you how to assess and minimize risk in a project. You may also take a course in contracts administration, which involves managing all aspects involved in outsourcing services and goods. As technology is an indispensable tool used daily by project managers, a course in project management software and hardware may also prove useful. Project managers may also wish to take a course in time management and organizational skills.

Getting an Edge in the Workplace
A project manager certification can give you an edge among your peers in the project management field by demonstrating that your knowledge and experience has been recognized by a reputable certification body. In today’s competitive job market, it’s important to have relevant experience and education. Having a credential next to your name is an added bonus.

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