Professional Finance Certifications

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Working as a financial professional means that you have to have professional credibility, and this credibility starts with your qualifications. Whatever field of finance you are working in, you will need to have the appropriate professional financial certifications for your specialties.

There are many different fields of specialization in finance. Most people immediately think of accounting and finance, and professional finance certifications in this area include the Certified Public Accountant, the Certified Management Accountant and the Chartered Financial Analyst.

Personal Financial Planning
In the field of personal financial advice there are several professional financial certifications that are applicable, including the CPA Personal Financial Specialist, the Chartered Financial Consultant, the Certified Financial Planner, and the Mortgage Professional. The Accredited Tax Advisor and the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist, the Accredited Estate Planner and the Certified Fund Specialist all deal with specific areas of personal financial planning.

Other areas that need professional financial certifications are banking, with the Institute of Certified Bankers offering, amongst other professional financial certifications, the Certified Trust and Financial Adviser. Insurance includes the Chartered Life Underwriter and the Certified Investment Management Analyst.

All of these professional finance certifications deal with different areas of finance, but they require examinations and experience in order to gain these designations. Institutes also require their members to uphold ethical standards in their dealings with employers and clients. Gaining your professional financial certification is the way to make sure that your career in finance is successful.

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