PHR Certification

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If you are working in human resources management, you will need to know about PHR certification. PHR stands for Professional in Human Resources, and is the first in a series of certificates that you can gain from the Human Resource Certification Institute.

Three Levels of Certification
There are three levels of PHR certification, the PHR certificate, the SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) certificate and the GPHR (Global Professional in Human Resources) certificate. This is a progression, you need to have gained the previous certificate in order to study for the next level of certification.

PHR certification is a really good way of mapping out your career. You can measure your progress in your human resources job, and can strengthen your resume by taking the next level of PHR certification. New employers will be able to assess your level of knowledge, skills and experience by the level of certification you have reached. Your professional standing will also be enhanced by the right to use the appropriate initials after your name.

You will also be encouraged to establish a program of continuous education to be sure that you can recertify as necessary. This will ensure that you are up to date with the latest developments in your profession, and that you keep advancing your knowledge and your career. PHR certification is a major pillar of your career structure in human resources.

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