Patient Care Technician Certification

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With healthcare careers in high demand, earning your patient care technician certification provides an opportunity to experience a rewarding career in which helping people is your top priority. In addition to competitive pay, patient care technicians enjoy the option of choosing among various work settings, from hospitals to private medical offices. Learn about the process of obtaining your certification as a patient care technician.

What Does a Patient Care Technician Do?

Patient care technicians work closely with patients in hospitals and long-term care settings. Technicians partner with medical staff to provide direct care to patients, including assistance with personal hygiene, ambulation, feeding, and activities of daily living. Additionally, patient care technicians monitor and obtain medical statuses and communicate concerns to medical staff when necessary.

What Does a Patient Care Technician Learn?

In the process of earning your certification as a patient care technician, you will learn valuable healthcare skills highly needed in today’s economy. Though optional training to work with specific populations is available, every certified patient care technician learns the following before launching their career:

  • How to take vitals and assist with medical examinations
  • How to provide CPR
  • How to collect specimens
  • How to assist with activities of daily living, such as bathing, feeding, and housekeeping
  • How to collaborate effectively with medical staff

Completing the courses necessary to sit for the certification exam generally takes less than 1 year, with many patient care technicians entering the field shortly thereafter. For many healthcare professionals, completing the patient care technician certification is the first step to a long career in healthcare. It’s not uncommon for patient care technicians to become nurses, doctors, and administrators later in their careers.

Welcome to a Bright Future Helping Others

Becoming a patient care technician can take your career in the healthcare field further than ever imagined. From job security to financial security, earning your patient care technician certification offers multiple benefits while providing patients with much-needed assistance. If you’re passionate about helping people and would enjoy a career working closely with those in need, consider earning your patient care technician certification.

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