Pastry Certification

Culinary Arts Certifications Training Programs
If there is a sweeter job than working as a pastry chef, it has yet to be discovered. When you pursue a pastry certification you are preparing to enter an occupation that brings a smile to the faces of food lovers with every trip into a kitchen.

Pastry Certification Training
Pastry certification imparts the practical, theoretical and hands-on training in make pastries and cakes, decorating, production, management, chocolate techniques and fermentation, and contemporary dessert plating. In addition to general baking, pastry certification provides a deeper understanding of nutrition, general education, hospitality, mathematics, communications, and basic computer skills.

What You’ll Know
Pursuing pastry certification will teach you how to work within a variety of food service environments. With experience, a pastry certification lead to positions managing large industrial baking facilities or running your own bakery. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Mix dough according to recipes.
  • Bake breads, pastries, and other bakery goods.
  • Supervise the activities of production workers.
  • Measure, sift, and mix ingredients, rolling and cutting, setting oven temperatures.

Within large baking facilities a pastry certification prepares you to specialize in various areas including: Dough Mixer, Divider, Dough Brake Operator, Molding/Machine Operator, Bench Hand, Oven Tender.

Gradating from Pastry Certification
Upon completing a pastry certification program, you will be prepared to enter entry-level employment or even start you own pastry business. Pastry certification also prepares you to work in medium and large retail deli-bakeries, hotel and resort bakeries and pastry kitchens, pastry and bakery shops, and commercial bakeries.

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