Paralegal Certification

Legal Certifications Training Programs
A paralegal certification demonstrates knowledge of major areas within the legal support field such as legal research, legal writing, and technology used in the legal profession. Some certifications may also require knowledge of a particular area of law such as real estate, environmental, and intellectual property. Paralegal certification programs usually require completion of a specific number of paralegal courses and successful performance on a final exam.

Courses in Paralegal Studies
Postsecondary classes in paralegal studies can also help to prepare you to excel on certification exams. Courses may include topics such as legal writing and reasoning, litigation, and probate. A significant portion of studies may go toward learning software programs used in the legal industry to organize, label, and manipulate documents. Some courses may focus on communication skills, as being able to write clearly and concisely is an important skill for those in the legal field.

Benefits of Paralegal Certification
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ’employers increasingly prefer graduates of postsecondary paralegal education programs.’ The BLS adds that one of the primary ways of getting this education is through a paralegal certification program. A certification can give you an edge in the paralegal field. A certification demonstrates that an individual possesses at least a minimum level of expertise within his or her field. It could give a potential employer an added assurance that you have the skills and knowledge required of a paralegal.

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