Novell Certification

Computer Certifications Training Programs
Novell is a major supplier of networking technology, and many different installations have Novell networks installed. For this reason, Novell certification makes sense if you are working in a network environment.

There are three different categories of Novell certification.

  • Linux. Novell networks increasingly use Linux as their base operating system, and so the Novell certification program includes two levels of Novell certification for Linux, those of Novell Certified Linux Professional and Novell Certified Linux Engineer.

  • Support. In order to install, maintain and troubleshoot networked installations, it is necessary to have knowledge and skills that involve hardware and software, and specialty networking expertise. Three different Novell certifications cover this, the Certified Novell Administrator, the Certified Novell Engineer, and the Master Certified Novell Engineer.

  • Instruction. Novell need training providers to be able to provide the level of training necessary to instruct technicians for Novell certification. There are two kinds of instruction Novell certification, the Certified Novell Instructor who will work in technical training, and the Novell Authorized Instructor, who will work with Novell’s academic partners.

Novell certification will give you a career structure that allows you to pursue the area of your interest within the networking environment. Novell certification also makes sure that your potential and present employers are aware of your level of expertise, and can reward you accordingly. Make sure that you have not only acquired the level of certification you are capable of supporting, but also that you recertify to be sure your qualifications are up to date.

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