Network+ Certification

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Computers are incredible machines that can process a tremendous amount of data very quickly. However, the true beauty of computers is their ability to share information with other computers over vast distances. If one computer is amazing, then a network of 50 computers must be 50 times as amazing. This is why companies usually choose to network their machines so that information and data can flow freely amongst employees and their computers. Through Network+ certification, you can learn how to link these computers to ensure maximum productivity.

What is Network+ Certification?
Administered by CompTIA, Network+ certification is an internationally recognized industry credential that demonstrates your knowledge of networking, routing, switching, and network security (after all, you don’t want information to flow too freely). Think of Network+ as the follow up for A+ (another CompTIA certification).

What sort of job will it prepare you for?
Every office, company, or organization that uses networks or connects to the Internet needs qualified professionals with Network+ certification. Sharing information in a secure and efficient manner is vital to the success of any operation—whether it’s a school, financial office, or hospital. By earning a CompTIA Network+ certificate, you distinguish yourself and signal to employers that you know how to configure, install, and maintain basic networking protocols, hardware, and services.

Companies that are unable to remain online or share information effectively don’t tend to last very long. Employers will pay handsomely if you are able to offer them the connectivity and access they need to remain competitive in our increasingly global economy.

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