Motorcycle Mechanic Certification

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If your passion is motorcycles, then working as a motorcycle mechanic may be the career choice for you. As a certification is not needed to work on your own motorcycle, this hobby turned career choice for many becomes a lucrative job and a way to gain exposure to some of the most coveted bikes in America. This is an amazing opportunity to be paid doing what you truly love.
What is Involved in Motorcycle Mechanic Certification?

To get your certification, you must have a thorough understanding of motorcycles. There are many online and physical campuses to take motorcycle mechanic programs. These programs teach you diagnostics, troubleshooting, fuel and electrical systems, engine operation, tires, maintenance, brakes, ignitions, and more. Some programs teach you about ATV’s as well.

These are in-depth and hands on classes, giving you more exposure than just reading a repair manual. Most programs give you a general overview of motorcycles, and then get into the diagnostics. Then, you’ll progress to a specialty program, learning about specific manufacturers such as Suzuki, Honda, Harley-Davidson, or Kawasaki.

Programs typically last from 1 to 2 years. These programs are offered at specialty training schools, universities, and community colleges. During this time, you will gain valuable experience during the training process. Work opportunities may become available even before you complete your certification test.

How Can a Motorcycle Mechanic Certification Help Advance My Career?

The job outlook is promising for motorcycle mechanics as more people are purchasing motorcycles. You could find yourself working at a motorcycle dealership, an automotive repair shop, or start your own independent repair shop. Manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson and Honda require their employees to be certified before touching their motorcycles. So the best way to get your foot in the door is to prove on paper that you have what it takes from a certified motorcycle mechanic program.

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