Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Computer Certifications Training Programs
The Microsoft Office Specialist certification is recognized around the world and is considered a standard measure for expertise with the Microsoft Office suite of business programs. As a certified Microsoft Office Specialist you can provide technical assistance and are qualified to work with individuals, businesses, academic institutions, staffing agencies, information technology (IT) training centers, and government organizations.

As a certified Office Specialist, you will have demonstrated a commitment to working with Microsoft office programs as well as the expertise many companies today require. According to Microsoft’s web site, Office Specialist-certified individuals report increased competence and productivity with Microsoft Office programs as well as increased credibility with their employers, co-workers, and clients. In today’s competitive market, Microsoft Office Specialist certification sets you apart and demonstrates your desire to be successful and move ahead in the work place. It also signals an interest in and ability to learn new platforms and concepts, which is critical in the workplace. Further, potential employers realize that if you are certified from day one, you have a greater likelihood of being successful from day one without having to provide additional training.

You will have to prepare for the exam and choose which exam is best for you. Specialist-level certification exams test your ability to complete an array of standard business tasks. Expert-level certification exams test your ability to complete complex assignments requiring advanced formatting and functionality, in addition to standard business tasks. Ultimately, you will want to assess your skills up front and then choose the exam that will lead you to your certification.

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