Microsoft Office Certification

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Microsoft Office Certification, or Microsoft Office Specialist Certification, is the Microsoft recognized certification awarded to Microsoft Office experts. It is the best way to demonstrate proficiency with the Microsoft Office productivity suite in a variety of environments.

Benefits of Microsoft Office Certification
In addition to making you more attractive to prospective employers, earning Microsoft Office certification also translates to higher earning potential and career advancement opportunities. Employers love the higher productivity that Microsoft Office certification offers their employees.

Skills Gained Through Microsoft Office Certification
Aside from being more productive using Microsoft Office productivity suite, a Microsoft Office certification also develops a better understanding of computer applications in general. This translates to increased confidence in tackling other projects that require knowledge or integration with multimedia or Web applications.

Training for Microsoft Office Certification
Microsoft Office certification requires training or experience that follows the certification program approved by Microsoft. Aside from developing a further foundation in computer technology and software applications, Microsoft Office certification focuses on Microsoft Office productivity software. In order to pass the Microsoft approved examination, students will need to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the Microsoft Office suite than casual users. The ability to create complex documents that easily integrate across all the products in the Microsoft Office suite is the best measure of whether a candidate is ready for Microsoft Office certification.

Office Genius
Surveys conducted by Microsoft have found Microsoft Office certification improves job security, credibility and employment opportunities for participants of the Microsoft Office certification program. Employers also consistently rely upon employees with Microsoft Office certification to act as their productivity experts.

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