MCP Certification

Computer Certifications Training Programs
The MCP certification or Microsoft Certified Professional designation is considered the entry-level credential for trained professionals who work with Microsoft products and technologies. It indicates that the holder has developed the skill set necessary for implementing basic Microsoft systems as an enterprise or organization business solution.

The MCP certification examination is based on both a hands-on understanding of the technology and a deeper theoretical knowledge. The MCP credential is usually taken as a step on a path leading to some of the more advanced Microsoft certifications.

Among the areas covered by the MCP certification are the installation and complete implementation of Microsoft Windows Professional and the server version of Windows. This includes a basic understanding of the purpose and function of operating systems. An important part of the computer’s usefulness is its network structure. The MCP certification program teaches the implementation, configuration and troubleshooting techniques that are supported by the network infrastructure of Windows and how to manage a Windows environment.

Serious career professionals in the computer industry have called the Microsoft Certified Professional credential a valued stepping-stone in their professional path. The MCP certifcation tells the industry that the holder is a professional to be reckoned with. It is an important credential for self-employed consultants as well as computer technicians in a large organization. The MCP certificate gives a strong background in the use and deployment of the latest Microsoft products and technologies. It not only prepares an individual for the various ways of applying the software in today’s enterprises and but also for dealing with new software architectures, environments and applications as they are created.

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