MCAD Certification

Computer Certifications Training Programs
In the competitive world of high technology, career advancement depends on credentials and a certificate as a Microsoft Certified Application Designer (MCAD) is a good credential to have. The credential indicates that the individual who has earned it can build, test, deploy and maintain high level applications using the many available Microsoft tool and technological advances.

The MCAD certification credential prepares professional developers to build the powerful applications, using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and other Web based platforms. Responsibilities include implementing, developing, testing, deploying and maintaining department-level applications components, Web or desktop clients, or back-end data services by using Microsoft tools and technologies.

Programmers, analysts, software designers and architects, and proprietary application specialists are among the professional categories that would benefit from the MCAD training and certification process. These technologists build and support high-level Web clients, back-end data servers, application components and desktop solutions. In addition to the testing process, most MCAD candidates are able to document extensive work experience in the application development field or an equivalent type of environment.

The MCAD certification process involves taking two exams in core subjects relating to the development of Microsoft products. One of these should be a Windows or Web based development subject, and the other covers Web servers and their functions, or specific Web server components. In addition, applicants are required to pass an exam on an elective subject that shows proficiency in the chosen area. Many engineers earn the MCAD certification as a first step towards more complex credentials.

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