Marketing Sales Certifications

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If you are working in marketing or sales, you may feel the need to gain marketing sales certifications in order to be able to strengthen your resume, to help to add to your credibility in the market place and to measure your progress in your career. There are several different types of marketing sales certifications available.

Academic Institutions
Colleges and universities offer marketing degrees at a variety of levels, and in conjunction with a number of other relevant subjects. You may wish to study one of these programs, either on a full time, a part time or an online basis. Alternatively there are several marketing and sales courses run by colleges and universities who offer their own marketing and sales certifications if you complete the programs successfully. These programs can be very effective, especially if studied as a part of a continuing education program.

Some institutes run marketing sales certifications courses, although there is no one industry wide recognised certification. These have to be considered carefully, and a judgement made on the content of the courses and the value of the certification. However these can be valuable if only to prove that you take your career very seriously.

Some training providers offer marketing and/or sales certifications, and again these need to be scrutinized, to consider what value for money they offer. They can have value if they are a part of training offered by employers, and as a part of a greater training program.

A marketing sales certification is worth considering, as it helps you to measure your career progress, but as the needs of the industry are very diverse, it can be difficult to discover the best form of certification for you.

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