Marine Mechanic Certification

Technical Certifications Training Programs
Marine mechanics work on various watercraft engines, servicing and repairing inboard and outboard motors on yachts, commercial fishing boats, and various private boats and cruisers. Sometimes called marine technicians or motorboat mechanics, marine mechanics can choose from a wide variety of work environments, from onshore sites to the open sea, all over the world.

Marine Mechanic Certification

If you are interested in becoming a marine mechanic, certification is the best route. While some mechanics find employment without experience and learn through on-the-job training, most employers prefer candidates with a marine mechanic certification. The certification shows an employer that the prospective employee has the knowledge and technical training required to do the job.

While specific classes vary from school to school, marine mechanic certification courses usually take no longer than two weeks to complete. A typical certification course focuses on marine motors and aspects of mechanical equipment, often including certification in:

  • Marine corrosion
  • Diesel engines and systems
  • Gasoline engines and systems
  • Marine systems
  • A/C and refrigeration

The short time required to complete a marine mechanic certification makes it especially appealing. Potential employers tend to favor marine mechanics who have already been through the training and certification process because they require less onsite training, and certified mechanics often demand a better salary than those without certification.

Additional Specialized Certification

In addition to basic certification, there are other options for marine mechanics to receive more specialized training. Watercraft manufacturers or distributors often provide courses for mechanics for servicing their own products, which allows the mechanic to perform maintenance and repairs under that manufacturer’s warranty. These specialized training courses are sometimes offered only to mechanics who have worked in the field for a set period of time. These specialized certifications, on top of the marine mechanic certification, will go a long way toward securing a reward career in the industry.

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