Managed Care Certification

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A managed care certification is a quality addition to any and all specialty roles within the health care system, from physicians to nurses and pharmacist to administrators, a certification in managed care is complimentary to your specializations. It is necessary for today’s health care staff members and providers on all levels to incorporate an expense and management skills into their work, especially within the framework of patient care. This certification will exhibit an enhancement of skills and know-how, that will make it possible to work effectively and efficiently with health care system staff and teams.

What does the Managed Care Certification encompass?

There are various entities within the health care system and therefore, there are a variety of programs and courses that are specially designed with specific specialties in mind, however, the programs and materials that are covered and included are all related. Below you will find coursework and program topics that may often be included in a managed care certification program:

  • Economics of Managed Care
  • Policy Issues in Managed Care
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Complementary Medicine in Managed Care
  • Cost-containment Strategies
  • Managed Care and Major Healthcare Payers
  • Patient Centered Care
  • Changing Roles of Hospitals
  • Alternative Healthcare Settings
  • Current Issues in Managing Healthcare
  • Integrated Delivery Systems and ACOs
  • Disease Management as a Component of Managed Care
  • Information Technology in Managed Healthcare
  • Hospitals and Ancillary Providers in the Managed Care Environment

Depending on your specialty or role within the health care system, you may only be taking some of the above-mentioned coursework, as many of the specific topics relate to individual specialties and roles.

How can the Managed Car Certification benefit my career?

Health care system professionals who complete a managed care certification are valued resources that are utilized by many institutions such as health care facilities, health insurance providers, vendors and various other organizations within the health care field. A managed care certification is a valuable asset for your career, as it provides you with the advantage to be promoted or hired above and beyond your peers.

Having a proven academic record of your expertise and ability, will give your superiors confirmation of your management potential to maintain clients’ care and ensure that the best possible clinical outcomes can be attained. They will be certain that you can offer superior coordination within health care management in a cost-effective and efficient manner, that will ultimately support the clients, the organization, and the totality of managed care delivery within their health care facility.

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