Linux Certification

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One of the most rapidly expanding corners of the computer industry today is the Linux market, driving the demand for qualified users higher with each passing day. Linux certification is one of the most effective means for employers to find those employees best capable of fulfilling their professional needs.

There are a number of Linux certifications available to those that are interested. Currently the best known is the vendor-neutral Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC), with three different levels of expertise, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior. Novell offers similar certifications, mirroring what the LPIC requires, but rather than a written test, they ask participants to resolve randomly selected situations in a timely fashion. Other certification offerings are the Linux+ and Sair’s LCP.

Because Linux is free to download, just about anyone can dabble within that particular environment and then put that experience on their resume. However, Linux certification’s most powerful function is its capability to separate those who may only know a few basics from those who can fully administer sites, troubleshoot heterogeneous networks, and even design solutions for multi-site ventures.

While employers will always value practical experience, Linux certification opens doors for you that may not necessarily have been available to you without it. It demonstrates the scope of your knowledge before you ever have to say a word. In this competitive world, it’s best to take every edge you can get.

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