Java Certification

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The Sun Java 2 platform is the standard networked solution for embedded applications the world over. Java-based business applications on the web have become a critical resource for sales, marketing, and financial industries. Consequently, there is a high demand for qualified developers and programmers with Java certifications to work in corporate IT organizations everywhere. Whether you’re just entering the field or hope to accelerate your IT career, a Java certification clearly shows employers your proficiency in the platform essentials.

Foundation Java certification as a Sun 2 programmer is typically based on your chosen level of expertise. You can earn certifications as an enterprise architect, as a business component developer, a web service developer, or mobile application developer.

Java certification courses teach you to write, compile, and run applications. Courses also introduce you to the runtime environment, object-oriented programming, using threads, creating applets, and understanding the critical syntax and semantics of the language.

Getting Started, or Advancing in Java
Many professionals who seek Java certifications are already experienced C++, C, COBOL, or Visual BASIC programmers. Some people already have a basic Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition knowledge, but lack certification. If you’re among this group, the certified programmer path is for you.

If you already know how to create Enterprise JavaBeans, servlets, and JavaServer Pages, a solid Java certification course in architecture may be perfect for advancement. The newest among Java certifications is the developer ticket in Java Web Services. To take this exam, you must have already received Java certification as a programmer for the Java 2 Platform.

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