Internet Certification

Computer Certifications Training Programs
The Internet and the corresponding intranet technology are becoming increasingly important as tools of communication. The need for trained professionals who can create and maintain the components of this technology is growing rapidly as well.

It is possible to become certified as an Internet expert through various degree programs, through specific product certifications, and, most recently, through a newly announced program called the Microsoft Certified Product Specialist (MCPS) certification. The MCPS credential requires the individual to demonstrate mastery in at least one of the major operating systems. The MCPS: Internet Systems credential indicates that the individual is qualified to manage the resources of Internet servers, to implement Internet security plans, and to install applications based on the common Web scripting languages.

Many of the so-called Internet professionals are either self-taught or only familiar with the basics of Web installation and maintenance. For this reason, many Information Technology hiring managers are on constant searches for Internet certified experts who can troubleshoot and deal with a wide variety of current Internet technologies and protocols. Of course, the salary levels of these trained and certified individuals runs on a higher scale from the start.

In addition to its value for hands-on technicians, an Internet certification is also beneficial to sales engineers and value added retailers in the computer industry. The knowledge gained while preparing for Internet certification allows these sales-related professionals to use their expertise in communicating with prospective customers. It is a credential that will continue to gain in value as the industry grows.

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