Human Resources Certification

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Companies cannot function without good employees. It is the job of the human resources (HR) professionals to recruit those employees and to provide the tools needed for their evaluation and growth.

Although there are very few areas that have legal requirements for employment in the area of human resources, the growing complexities of the field are making a growing number of corporations require human resource management certification from their HR personnel. The expansion of laws to protect both employees and employers, and the increase in the number of actions against companies that break those laws, has made it important to have highly trained professionals operating the HR departments. A certificate from a respected institution or testing by a professional organization is a good way to guarantee that training and knowledge.

Certified HR professionals understand the overall role of the HR department. They understand the rapidly changing employment laws, how to select the most qualified individuals for specific jobs, and how to structure compensation packages that will retain those employees in a competitive marketplace. HR departments are also responsible for the training and orientation of new employees and for the testing and evaluation of existing ones. When disputes arise, it is often the human resources department that is called upon to step in. HR is also the company’s guide in the application of affirmative action, civil rights, disability, family leave, and other laws and regulations designed to protect workers. They are also in charge of most disciplinary actions, employee improvement plans, and, in extreme cases, terminations.

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