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Understanding the ins-and-outs of U.S. privacy regulations could be a substantial boost to a career in health management or administration. HIPAA certification provides the knowledge that many employers and health care providers are looking for as they improve their privacy protection policies and practices.

Health care has become a lot more complex over the years. That holds true for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations designed to protect patient privacy. Under HIPAA, health care providers have have to meet tough standards in terms of how data is secured and who has access to the information. In some cases, employers With self-insured plans are also required to implement HIPAA protocols to prevent unauthorized access to employee information.

HIPAA certification teaches individuals how to comply with HIPAA rules, including new regulations instituted due to evolving health care regulation. New standards help prevent discrimination against employees with chronic diseases or genetic risks for disease, and require companies to notify employees when there is a potential breach of their privacy. As a result, many employers face a higher risk for HIPAA violations. In response, companies are looking for employees who have HIPAA certication, understand HIPAA requirements and can assist with enforcement steps.

HIPAA certification courses can be found through private organizations, universities and community colleges. Some classes are offered online. In addition, health care providers may offer HIPAA compliance certification for their employees. In general, courses cover:

  • HIPAA privacy rules
  • Standards for accessing information
  • Limits on dispensing information
  • Requirements for patient permission to retrieve or obtain inforamtion
  • Standards applying to electronic information transfer, claims processing, and payments
  • Penalties and fees associated with non-compliance

Careers that may receive a boost from HIPAA compliance certification include:

  • Medical record keeping
  • General health care administration
  • Human resources and benefits administration
  • Medical billing
  • Medical claims management
  • Utilization management
  • Nursing
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