Help Desk Certification

Computer Certifications Training Programs
The help desk industry has grown rapidly over the last thirty years, driven in the first place by the use of personal computing and the need to supply technical information to non-technical people quickly and cheaply. In 1989 the HDI was formed to start to give training and standards to the help desk industry. The HDI have now designed a help desk certification program to make sure that training standards are kept and that help desk professionals have a career and training structure.

A Variety of Different Levels of Certification
The HDI certification program includes the following help desk certifications:

  • Customer Support Specialist (CSS)
  • Help Desk Analyst (HDA)
  • Help Desk Manager (HDM)
  • Help Desk Senior Analyst Certification

These and other help desk certification programs allow the help desk professional to work at all levels of support and management.

Help desk certification is a particularly important career move. When you start to work on a help desk you may be aware of the theory of your product, but helping other people understand technical issues is a very difficult thing. You need guidance and experience in order to improve, and these things are difficult to measure so that other people are aware of your level of competence.

Help desk certification enables you to measure your progress in your chosen career, and also allows you to gain promotion. You can use your help desk certification to gain new jobs and to help you into help desk management, giving you a career path to the top. Help desk certification will allow you to progress as far as you want in your career, and to measure how successful you are.

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