Healthcare Management Certification

Medical Certifications Training Programs
Healthcare management certification is ideal for those professionals who are either seeking to be promoted to a managerial or supervisory role in a heath care facility, or those who have recently been promoted. A certification can also be useful to those who are in managerial or supervisory roles in other fields and are seeking a career change.

What is a healthcare management certification program?

The healthcare management certification is a concentration of study that serves as preparation for individuals within the health care field in becoming effective managers and supervisors. Individuals will have an increase in the overall understanding of management issues, as well as concepts that will allow them to make well-informed decisions. While some health care institutions require or prefer a candidate with a certification in healthcare management, other facilities support this as a voluntary credentialing.

Program and course lengths, as well as admission requirements, vary from one academic institution to another. Some higher learning institutions may require an associates, bachelors or previous work experience, however, there are numerous institutions who provide high quality certification programs, with minimal prerequisites. The educational opportunities are vast for this growing and demanding field.

What will you learn?

Certification in healthcare Management provides training for potential managers and supervisors, that offers a strong educational foundation in managerial skills, that will allow candidates to demonstrates a high level of knowledge and skill, as well as the capabilities necessary to retain a managerial or a supervisory position. The overall scope of a health care management certification programs encompass a broad range of materials, including:

  • Medical Billing
  • Federal Regulations and Compliance
  • Decision-Making Skills, Communication and Organization Development
  • Basic Accounting Principals and Basic Financial Principals
  • Practice Management Software and Platforms
  • Healthcare Leadership and Management
  • Human Resources
  • Staff Development
  • Medical Ethics
  • Diversity
  • Healthcare Reform

Documented level of knowledge and assurance

Possessing a healthcare management certification provides an employer with a documented level of assurance that you are competent in managerial practices. Healthcare management is not limited by any specialties within the healthcare field, which means that career opportunities throughout various healthcare facilities and specialties are unlimited.

Once certified, you can easily be promoted or qualify for an advanced career in hospitals, acute care settings, medical groups and ambulatory care. Additionally, you will have the luxury of working with long-term care providers, as well as within healthcare plans and insurance providers. You will also have the edge to compete for careers in government agencies and community based organizations, as well as public and not-for-profit agencies.

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