Get An MBA Certificate

How To Become Certified
What is an MBA Certificate?
Due to the high demand for skilled business graduates, many companies have been quick to offer high salaries to attract the best graduates. An MBA certificate is designed to test your skills and aptitudes in the field of business administration. The certificate program is based on a pass-or-fail system. Some programs will offer you feedback on any areas in which you may need to practice or improve.

How Do I Get My MBA Certificate and Why Should I?
An MBA certificate is based purely on your aptitudes and skills in strategy, marketing, operations, micro and macroeconomics, finance, accounting, and quantitative methods. In many jobs an MBA degree is required. However, if you have had many successful years in management, then you may find that you want to formalize your knowledge with certification only. In order to gain your MBA certificate, you need to be accepted by the Association of Certified MBAs (ACMBA), which is the professional membership organization for ‘Certified Masters of Business Administration in good standing.’ Membership requirements include achieving a passing score on the Certified MBA Exam offered by the International Certification Institute.

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