Family Nurse Practitioner Certification

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Make excellent money while caring for your community when you secure your family nurse practitioner certification. As a family nurse practitioner, you will be a leader in the medical field, working alongside general and specialized physicians to provide generalized treatment and support to both adults and children.

Earning Your Family Nurse Practitioner Certification

In order to become a family nurse practitioner, you must first become a fully licensed registered nurse and must have completed a graduate level training at an accredited college or university. Depending on your geographical location, this may mean a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in nursing. Once you have completed your formal education, you will need to choose the family focused nurse practitioner training program, and apply for certification with the American Nurse Credentialing Center.

Skills Obtained with a Family Nurse Practitioner Certification

With your family nurse practitioner certification, you will possess the ability to diagnose and treat a wide variety of illnesses, alone or under the direction of a physician or medical team. Your certification will also allow you to help families with preventative treatments and immunizations, and allow you to promote good heath and nutrition. Other job duties may include ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, x-rays and lab work, and in some cases, prescribing certain types of medication, depending upon regulations in the area where you work.

A Career with Your Family Nurse Practitioner Certification

Once you have made the decision to further your nursing career, the sky is the limit. Your family nurse practitioner certification can be a final destination in the world of nursing or a stepping stone to an even better occupation. As a nurse practitioner, you will be held in high esteem as you enjoy a good income and a challenging career. Highly respected as an authority in the medical field, your knowledge and expertise will allow you make decisions that will enrich lives and support the health your community.

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