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Why an Electronics Certification?

We live in an electronic world. Everything from kitchen appliances to cellphones and televisions are electronic. Even our nation’s power grid and water supplies are controlled electronically. This is why having an Electronics Certification can be so advantages to your future.

The demand for people with Electronics Certifications is endless and ever growing. While many certifications limit you as to the type of industry that you can apply for an Electronics Certification opens doors for you to work in any number of industries or to strike out on your own and build your own business.

Types of Electronics Certification

One of the beautiful things about electronics is that you can choose to receive a general Electronics Certification or you can choose to specialize in a particular or several areas. Some of these include:

  • Audio Video Distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • Biomedical Electronics
  • E-commerce Developer
  • Alarm-Security Systems
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Network Systems
  • Satellite Installer
  • Consumer Electronics

And this is nowhere near an exhaustive list, it is just to give you a general idea of all the areas you can choose to work.

Electronics Certification Requirements

As with most certifications, the requirements vary greatly from state to state but there are some standards that you can expect to be fairly uniform regardless of location. There will normally be a minimum education and/or work experience requirement and you will have to pass a certification exam.

The majority of states exams cover areas such as terminology, component and system familiarity, operation and servicing capabilities, device knowledge, servicing skills, human relation skills, and business practice skills and an overall score of 75% is the normal passing grade, though some states are stricter and have higher standards.

Considering the vast opportunities that an Electronics Certification opens up, it is very worthwhile to invest your time and energy into receiving a General Electronics Certification or any of the more specialized certifications under this heading.

Electronics is one of the few fields that have maintained high demand regardless of economic conditions and there are several opportunities in almost any area or online to get you started.

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