Electrical Component Repair Certification

Technical Certifications Training Programs
One of the Best Credentials You Can Have

When a car is in need of repairs, customers search for someone who has a specialized degree of knowledge. Earning your electrical component repair certification helps you prove to potential clients that you have the proper skills and knowledge that it takes to get their repairs handled properly. Employers will be far more likely to hire you and provide you with an opportunity to work on larger projects and take on more responsibility in the workplace.

Getting Certified: What Does it Entail?

The electrical component repair certification is available through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. It requires that you possess at least two years of work experience relevant to the industry or at least two years of proper training and one year of work experience in a related field before qualifying for certification. Beyond having to possess the proper amount of work experience, you are also required to pass a test that is composed of 40 to 60 multiple-choice questions. When it comes time to take the test, you will have four hours in which to complete the test.

Taking the Test: What Do You Need to Know?

As you prepare for the test, you will need to know a few different things to make sure you are able to pass the test with ease. Two of the largest content areas that make up the test are electrical and suspension and steering. To prepare for the test, you need to know in great detail how to diagnose, repair and identify elements within all of the aforementioned systems. A little more than half of the test revolves around six other key areas: heating and air conditioning, brakes, drive train, engine cooling systems, restraint systems, fuel intake and exhaust systems. As a whole, the test for your certification is designed to see if you know the appropriate methods for repairing and analyzing collision damage to automobiles. Once you have passed the test, you will be awarded with your certification to prove that you are familiar with the automobile as a whole.

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