CWNA Certification

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The world is quickly going wireless. Cell phones, wi-fi, and satellites as replacing the traditional cables, chords, and wires of the 20th century. Staying connected is no less important, but people want greater mobility and flexibility. Wireless technology offers unprecedented freedom in the world of connectivity and information sharing. Those who possess the CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator) certification are in the best possible position to tap into this new freedom.

What is CWNA certification?
CWNA certification demonstrates a foundation knowledge of wireless network design, configuration, and maintenance. It is very similar to more traditional network design certifications, except, the technology is wireless. It is a terrific supplement to any previous network experiencing you might have, but since the world is becoming increasingly wireless, having this certification will eventually become a prerequisite for anyone who claims to be a network specialist of any kind. By completing this certification now, you signal to employers that you are a serious professional who wants to remain on the cutting edge of technology and advancement.

What sort of job will certification prepare you for?
Whether you work in-house or as an independent contractor, the range of available jobs is quite impressive. Every company, school, hospital, or organization wants to stay connected. They need to share information both internally and externally. Since wireless technology is the way of the future, most organizations that invest time and money into networking are going to devote their resources to wireless connections. This means steady work for you no matter which industry you choose.

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