CPM Certification

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As a professional in the increasingly competitive field of purchasing and supply management, you understand the importance of quality, not just in the materials you handle, but in the goals you set for yourself. By earning a Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM) certification, you attain the gold standard.

What is a CPM certification?
Earning your CPM certification requires passing a comprehensive exam, completing several years of experience in your profession, making contributions to the profession through publication, and continuing your professional education. It is an involved process that demonstrates your commitment to being the best.

The CPM certification is the first nationally accepted standard of competence and knowledge for the field of purchasing and materials management. It focuses on managerial and leadership skills, plus a variety of special functions designed to enhance the value of the profession. The CPM is recognized by the industry, and by the government, as the most respected designation for supply management professionals. By earning your CPM certification, you distinguish yourself as a member of a very elite group.

Why do I need a CPM certification?
Earning your CPM certification enhances your knowledge in a variety of subject matter, improving your ability to solve problems. It earns you respect, for yourself and from colleagues. It provides you with confidence that you will perform your job well. And it proves you have what it takes to advance your career through promotion. Today’s competitive business environment requires a broader view and a wide range of abilities, earning your CPM certification places you among the most competent individuals in your field. It ensures you will remain at the top of the purchasing heap.

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