CompTIA Certification

Computer Certifications Training Programs
CompTIA certification is a credential that is designed to certify a minimum level of education and experience with regard to operating personal IBM compatible computers. The certification shows that you have knowledge and expertise in the installation, maintenance, customization, and operation of IBM compatible computers.

Preparing for CompTIA Certification
To ensure you have the necessary knowledge in CompTIA to pass a certification exam, you may want to enroll in CompTIA courses. Courses will teach you, among other things, how to identify computer hardware parts and familiarize yourself with buses, traces, and pathways. You may also learn about various pieces of computer hardware, such as CPU’s and RAM. Additionally, you can obtain knowledge about DRAM and CPU Slot architectures. You may also learn how to maintain, troubleshoot, and install system hardware and software. Coursework in CompTIA may also involve learning about different operating systems, such as Windows and, less frequently, Linux and Unix.

Benefits of CompTIA Certification
In addition to gaining a credential in computer hardware and software use, ComptTIA certification can serve to prepare you for other computer-related certification programs by introducing to you to skills and knowledge that apply to many operating systems and software programs. It also may demonstrate your commitment and expertise in a field that is becoming increasingly competitive. Having relevant education and experience alone may not always be enough to distinguish yourself from your peers. A CompTIA certification could be the feather in your cap that takes you to the next level in your career.

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