CISSP Certification

Computer Certifications Training Programs
CISSP certification (Certified Information Systems Security Professionals) will provide you with credentialing that will be helpful in securing employment in the Information Security industries.

Information Security is an increasingly important industry as computing systems gain continued dominance in the corporate world and financial transactions and information can increasingly be found online. Protecting against the potential compromise of a secured system is one of the main responsibilities of a CISSP certified professional.

The CISSP certification is administered by the independent, non-profit International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, which was established for the sole purpose of developing and administering the CISSP certification program.

Eligibility for the CISSP exam requires a minimum of three to four years of professional information security experience, dependent upon education, adhere to the CISSP Code of Ethics, and successfully answer questions regarding criminal history and background.

CISSP Certification only occurs after you have gotten a score of 700 or higher on the exam, submitted an endorsement form, and, if randomly chosen, passed an audit of your professional experience. Endorsement can occur from a CISSP or another qualified professional with information technology experience.

Coursework preparing you for the exam may include courses on cryptography, operating security, access control systems, applications & systems development, telecommunications and networks security, and security architecture and models. You will also find coursework in the law and ethics of computer security helpful.

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