Cisco Certification

Computer Certifications Training Programs
Certification in the network, wireless, voice, and other technology products made and supported by the Cisco Corporation can be a technologist’s key to a very bright future. The training programs for Cisco certifications give the skills needed to administer and create these highly technical products such as switches, routers, firewalls, telephony, and more.

The Cisco certificate is a validation of the learning level attained by an individual and proclaims to the professional world that the holder has reached a high standard of technical expertise. Of course, Cisco products and service cover a very wide range.

Individuals can choose the specific Cisco skill track in which they wish to be certified. For example the local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) certification is for engineers skilled in the installation and maintenance of Cisco access routing and switching technology. They are able to scale Internet protocol (IP) addresses and to manage network address and network performance issues. IP Telephony Operations Specialists can implement and configure the Cisco call manager technology and can resolve the telephony connectivity problems that arise in a wide variety of telephone and voice-mail systems. The certification for wireless LAN technologists includes training in such areas as the radio transmission and antenna equipment that underlies the wireless systems, bridge and access points, the creation and configuration of a wireless ‘hotspot,’ and the security technology that protects the wireless LANs from intruders. There is also a Cisco certification track for the specialists who design and install optical fiber based network technology.

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