Chef Certification

Culinary Arts Certifications Training Programs
A variety of levels of chef certification exist. Some of the most prominent areas of chef certification may begin with certification within the area of commercial foodservice operation and extend to more advanced certifications that prepare students for employment as an executive chef. The depth and length of instructions vary as well, depending on the level of certification desired. All certifications provide, however, an opportunity to gain formal training in a specific area of the culinary arts industry.

Entry-level Certifications
If you’re interested in working the foodservice side of the culinary industry, you might want to get a certification as an entry level culinary professional. This certification may cover topics such as food safety, sanitation, and management, in addition to instruction on food preparation methods.

Advanced Certifications
More advanced certifications, such as one leading to the position of sous chef, may require a greater time commitment for class instruction as well as on-the-job training. Sous chef certification may likely include a fair amount of instruction on cooking. Topics in food preparation may include stocks, soups, sauces, meat cooking, and seasoning. Sous chef certification will also prepare you to approach management issues, such as keeping track of and maintaining an inventory and managing kitchen staff.

If you’re interested in working at a higher level within a foodservice operation, you may want to enroll in a chef administration certification. This advanced course of study may include topics such as human resource management, financial management, advertising and marketing, inventory, and technology. This course of study focuses on the management side of the food business.

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