Business Management Certification

Business Certifications Training Programs
If you are considering studying for some business management certification, you need to look very carefully at the different certifications that are available. The most obvious and best recognised business management certification is to study for a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, or a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Academic and Commercial Certification
However, if this is not appropriate for you, or you already have these qualifications and are looking for something else, then you will have to consider other business management certification that is being offered. The Association of Professional Business Managers (APBM) offer two such certifications, the CBM (Certified Business Manager) and the CABM (Certified Associate Business Manager). Both of these business management certifications are based on an MBA curriculum, the CBM is a master’s level certification taking one year, and the CABM is a Bachelor’s level certification and takes 6 months.

Other business management certification is offered by a variety of different training organizations, some more reputable than others. Colleges and universities offer their own in house certification for a variety of different business management related subjects. These courses are often a part of a continuing education program, and are well thought out and allow you to build your study into a recognized qualification.

Some commercial training providers offer their own kind of business management certification, with programs varying in length and content. These programs can be valuable, but need to be examined very carefully to see what they can offer in terms of recognized business management certification and in content.

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