Bookkeeping Certification

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Bookkeeping is the core of business. No matter what size the company, it is the bookkeeper who keeps one hand on the pulse of the enterprise. The bookkeeping department is the cash receiver, and the recorder of all business transactions. Bookkeepers keep track of employees’ time cards and of payroll issues. They are the monitors of all company assets, both financial accounts and real property. It is also the bookkeepers who are the bridge between outside vendors and the company.

As business practices and laws become more complex, the need for trained and certified bookkeepers grows. It is estimated that the number of bookkeeping positions will continue growing through the next decade and beyond. Recent business problems suffered by large and very visible corporations have underlined the importance of bookkeeper certification to an organization. However, it is not only large companies that need these important employees. Small business failures are most frequently caused by improper or incomplete bookkeeping practices. Bookkeepers can provide clear and accurate data entry oversight, can record the accrual and deferral data that is needed for tax reporting, and calculate the depreciation and valuation of merchandise and property inventories.

The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers is the professional body that oversees the certification of bookkeepers. The certificate is an indication that the holder has reached a high professional level and is capable of performing all the accounting and bookkeeping functions within the scope of the highest ethical standards. Certified bookkeepers have a great advantage within the overall employment market.

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