Become A Certified Purchasing Manager

How To Become Certified
If you are building your career in purchasing, you need to consider becoming a certified purchasing manager. There are several bodies that offer certification, including the American Purchasing Society and the Institute for Supply Management, both of whom have a progressive program of certification.

Two stage Certification
You can gain your purchasing manager certification from the ISM, this being the management qualification which focuses on management skills, and is designed for experienced purchasing managers who wish to strengthen their resume for career building purposes. The entry-level qualification is the Accredited Purchasing Practitioner (APP), which concentrates on the operational aspects of purchasing. The APP is the first step in gaining certified purchasing manager status.

Certified purchasing manager status allows you to enhance your professional status as this certification gives an independent assessment of your experience and knowledge. You will find that being a certified purchasing manager allows you to be considered for management and leadership roles, allowing you to build your career in purchasing and pursue it to the level that you would like to attain.

Certified purchasing manager status is recognized internationally, and you will find that your qualifications will help you globally. Today’s purchasing manager needs to look to global supply, so an international qualification is very important in purchasing. As the role of purchasing and supply becomes more important in business, certification will help you to keep abreast of developments as well as giving your career professional support.

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