Become A Certified Nutritionist

How To Become Certified
How Do I Become a Certified Nutritionist?
The Commission on Dietetic Registration of the American Dietetic Association (ADA) awards the Registered Dietitian credential. You can be awarded this official recognition if you pass a certification exam after completing your academic coursework and supervised experience. You may benefit from studying biology and chemistry at high school. To study to become a certified nutritionist at college, you may cover subjects including biotechnology, biophysics, food science, biochemistry, physiology, dietetics, food and nutrition, and the clinical sciences. Other areas may involve study of agricultural, human, biological, and biomedical sciences. You could also cover human growth and metabolism in both normally functioning and abnormal states. You can complete the supervised practice in one of two ways. You could either follow a combined practical and academic ADA approved program, or you could gain nine hundred hours of supervised practical experience from an ADA approved internship.

Why Should I Study to be a Certified Nutritionist?
Forty-six states have requirements for nutritionists. Of those forty-six states, one requires registration, fifteen require certification, and thirty require licensure. If you think you may be moving interstate, then it would be sensible to make sure that your qualifications are recognized across borders. Becoming a certified nutritionist can help you do this.

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