Become A Certified Medical Transcriptionist

How To Become Certified
If you are working as a medical transcriptionist or want get into the field of medical transcription, you should seriously consider the possibility of becoming a certified medical transcriptionist, giving yourself all the benefits of gaining a recognized qualification in the area you are working in.

One Two-Part Examination
The American Association for Medical Transcription offers certification, giving the Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) award once you have successfully taken their two-part examination. You will need to have worked for two years in the acute care setting, and it will be helpful if you have studied a suitable course before you sit the examination. The examination itself examines the knowledge you need to be a successful medical transcriptionist, including medical vocabulary, anatomy and physiology, and then the second part includes a practical session of medical transcription, including editing and proof reading.

Once you have become a certified medical transcriptionist, you will find that your career prospects are enhanced. You will be accepted as an experienced medical transcriptionist, and you will have more opportunities to work as and when you wish.

Re-certification is a part of your continuing education program, and you will need to refresh your certified medical transcriptionist qualification every three years. Other continuing education courses include subjects such as specialty medical areas, English for MTs, web use resources and productivity, and word building and terminology.

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