Baking Certification

Culinary Arts Certifications Training Programs
Culinary schools can produce excellent bakers and pastry chefs. These cooks are trained to create the best baked products in a wide variety of styles and tastes. They are also trained to be experts in the preparation of a variety of baked desserts. Of course, bakers from different schools may have a range of skills and even of quality levels. In order to make sure that bakers around the country had an equal level of professional skills and standards, it was necessary to create a baking certification program.

The Retailer’s Bakery Association (RBA), a trade organization that, for nine decades, has been working to elevate the standards of the baker’s art, created the certification principles for bakers and cake decorators. They have built training criteria that are specific to the industry. They also conduct ongoing research to find the best techniques to be used in commercial, retail bakeries. The baker certification has as its aim the raising of overall professional standards in the industry by making certain that certified bakers have the skill and knowledge to present consumers with consistent quality in the baked goods they purchase.

Certified bakers have the strongest employment possibilities in all the commercial situations in which bakers and cake decorators work. The baking certification is tailored to the needs of four different levels of baker: recent culinary school graduates, bakers who have learned their skills on the job, bakers who have specialized on one particular style of baking, and to expert retail bakers who have had four or more years of professional experience.

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