Aviation Maintenance Certification

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With the increased need for security, there is a rising need for certified aircraft technicians. Aviation maintenance technician’s (AMT’s) are trained to repair, service, and overhaul aircraft systems and their components. This includes dealing with propellers, electrical systems, and environmental systems. To take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), you must prepare with the Aviation Maintenance Certification program.

What is involved in an Aviation Maintenance Certification?

To enter training for the Aviation Maintenance Certification program, a person needs to have their high school diploma or equivalency. A person will undergo a rigorous set of tests, including practical, written, and oral.

There are two certifications. The Airframe Rating Certificate allows you to work on the outside body of the aircraft. The Powerplant Rating Certificate allows you to work on the engine of the aircraft. Depending upon the certification you want, Airframe, Powerplant, or both, you are looking anywhere from 1,150 hours through 1,900 hours of training. The program for Aviation Maintenance is usually between 18 and 24 months.

Coursework for the general courses include hydraulics, cleaning and corrosion control, ground operation, and knowledge of federal regulations. Those studying the Airframe courses should expect to study covering, welding, pneumatics, and instrument systems while those studying Powerplant courses are expected to cover fuel metering systems, cooling systems, electrical systems, and induction and airflow systems.

How can an Aviation Maintenance Certification help advance my career?

Lives are in aviation maintenance technician’s hands, so any company serious about placing you in contact with turbine, piston, and radial engine aircraft wants serious credentials. Receiving your Aviation Maintenance Certification moves you up in the ranks at your current job and makes you stand out for future employers.

Receiving your training at an accredited school also places you in eyesight for some of the top companies in the industry as they actively recruit for the best.

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